Friday, January 30, 2009

Connor's Baptism...

Ok, so it's been forever since I've posted any artwork and not that these are the best things in the world BUT since it's the only thing I've made in a while, I thought I'd post them. I made these little baptism announcements/invites for Connor's baptism that's coming up next Saturday. I had originally decorated these fun clips to attach on them but then I realized (duh) I wouldn't be able to mail them that way. I ended up with "plan B" which is a stamped and cut-out star where the clip was going to go. All products are Close To My Heart and can be found on my website at . Also, I was so proud of myself... Connor actually had a big black eye that I edited out of the picture with my photoshop! You can't even tell! haha See below for products used.

All products used are CTMH:
  • Moonstruck cardstock
  • Stardust Level 2 paper pack
  • White Daisy Ink
  • Wishing Start Stamp Set
  • Chocolate Ribbon Rounds
  • White Daisy Brads
  • CTMH Fonts CD - Tall Pen
  • White Daisy Cardstock
  • Honey Ink

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Parks at the Parks...

We had a rare break in the cold winter weather this week so Jeff and I took Parker for an outing at Gibson park. I don't really know why but there are still tons of ducks and geese there...I think they forgot to fly south. Anyway, Parker was really fascinated with them but didn't really want to get too close. He played on the equipment and the swings and had a great time. It was nice to be outside with him. Then we went to the soda fountain and had lunch. It was a nice day together.


One of the things that Connor was looking forward to after he turned 8 was being able to attend cub scouts. It didn't even hit me until the night he was supposed to go that he could now go! Well, this week I was prepared with his brand new uniform! He looks so cute and he's so stinkin excited to go. They made a marble maze out of a pizza box the other night and the pinewood derby is coming up next week. Fun stuff! Here are some pictures of Connor in his uniform.

Random Events...

I've been meaning to post these pictures this week but I'm just now getting around to it. Monday, we took the kids to Helena (it's about an hour drive) to bum around. The place we were originally going to go was closed, so we decided to take them out to lunch and then to the carousel and children's museum. This was the first time Parker had ever been on any type of ride. He was just in awe looking at all of the lights and hearing the music. As I was helping him ride and watching his face full of wonder, I started to get tears in my eyes...and then I felt like a dummy. My other kids are asking me why I'm crying and I'm trying not to break out in a full sob. Anyway, it was tons of fun. I think we rode three or four times before we moved on to the museum.
The museum was interesting. They had all sorts of weather displays and hands on experiments that the kids could do. There was also a little play area that was meant for small children but apparently all of the kids enjoyed it. So here are pictures from the weekend.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Political Nonsense...

I've never written before about my deep respect for America. I am so thankful that I've been blessed to be born in such a great country! I'm grateful for the freedoms that me and my family enjoy daily because of the sacrifices of many that came before me. Every soldier, politician and citizen has had a hand in making this country great. I'm thankful for my right to vote and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with our country over the next four years. I did not vote for Obama because our beliefs don't mesh. This is not to say that I will not support him as our new President. I do however believe that as a country we need not get caught up in the theatrics of it all. So far, he has done what every other president before him has done which is to make us promises of change (it may not have been their slogan but it was always promised). I hope that this is what will happen because I think it's what we need at this point in time. This day is historical, however, it's historical every time a new president gets sworn in. So, as a responsible citizen of this country, I will keep my head on straight and be a logical thinker during this time of "Beatle mania". I WANT him to prove me wrong and I WANT him to show me why he should have gotten my vote. He will be my president too so I just want to say... Good Luck President Obama.

Friday, January 9, 2009


I love being able to get on here and write about whatever I want. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about Parker. You've all seen what a mess-maker he is and that's usually what I talk about but today I want to "talk" about how important he is in this family.

He has been my little buddy for the past few weeks and we've had a blast playing games and learning fun things. This little boy is truly a miracle to me. He has a big job in this family and he doesn't even know it! He is literally the glue that has brought my little family (consisting of myself, Michael and Connor) AND Jeff's little family (of himself, Devin and Bryce) TOGETHER. There is a little piece of each one of us in Parker. He is something that we all have in common even when the boys are fighting and Jeff and I are angry at each other. We can all look at Parker as something that we all share. Parker was not planned, at least not by Jeff and myself, to come along so quickly but I can see that our Heavenly Father had other plans. He could see how important Parker would be in helping our family stick together like glue! I am so grateful for this little boy and I love him so much! I remember being disappointed when we had the ultra sound and found out we were adding ANOTHER boy to the family but since that time I can't tell you how thankful I am that Parker is Parker. I don't want to imagine my life without him in it. I am blessed!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's talk about the weather...

Well, I was supposed to go out to Fairfield tonight to do the scrapbook club BUT the stupid weather is going to turn nasty and icy tonight. I guess if I have to choose between sacrificing my life for scrapbooking or being alive for my kids, my kids win, but by just a slight margin (ok..that's a little dramatic but I think any scrapper would understand ;-). My wonderful and talented friend Jen Brown is helping me out by teaching the class for me tonight and my other friend Hilary graciously volunteered to pick up all of the kits since she was in town today. I totally appreciate their willingness to help me out! So, now I guess I have all day to create! Maybe I'll get something of mine done for a change. Hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Connor turns 8!

Both Paker and Connor's eyes are hilarious in this picture. It makes me laugh!

Parker "helping" make the brownies. As usual, he has to be involved in everything.

Well, actually he turned 8 on December 27th but I'm just now getting the pictures up. I can't believe that he is already 8 years old! Time is going by so fast...I wish it would slow down a little! Connor always seems to get a little jipped because his birthday is so close to Christmas and this year was especially bad because I was sicker than a dog on his birthday. For his birthday, we gave him the new Guitar Hero (world tour, on tour...something like that) which he was really happy about. We almost didn't have cake because I had a hard time even getting out of bed but we did end up making a brownie cake which he decorated himself. I let him pick out the sprinkles and he picked out the Valentine ones (don't ask) but I wasn't going to argue that point with him if it made him happy. I'm so grateful for Connor...he is such a fun little boy. He has the funniest sense of humor and always is ready with a crazy comment. I love him so much and I am thankful that he is my son. Happy birthday sweet boy!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

This is how I feel today...

Anyone who is a fan of the show "Friends" will get this quote. This is completely how I feel's just one of those days!