Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Fun...

Connor and Parker kissing the glass door. Why, you ask? I don't know.
Michael helping Parks dig out the pumpkin guts.
Connor wiping the caramel off of his nose.
Bryce is doing pretty good with his apple. least he ate the caramel. Apple dippers may have been a better choice for him.

Fall has been moving fast and furious in our house! I was so sad that we had snow before the leaves turned red and gold. It's normally my favorite time of year because of that, but this year was disappointing since all the leaves fell off the trees and turned a yucky brown color.

I had big plans for the kids but the farthest we got was making caramel apples. This was our first time doing this as a family and the kids had a blast. It was really fun to see them try to sink their teeth into the apples. We also had planned on carving pumpkins together but by the time I got around to buying more pumpkins, EVERYONE was sold out! Luckily, I had already purchased one a couple weeks before Halloween so at least we had one to do.

Fall has been busy with all of the kids and myself going to school. I will be excited when this semester is over, but I am taking a heavier load in the Spring. I'm still doing CTMH and have a great group of friends that come over once a month and do projects. I've spent the last couple of days moving my scrapbook area to a smaller space in the house and I've had to clear out A LOT of my stuff. I plan on having a scrapbook garage sale soon. Since I have now moved and cleaned my area, I will be creating a couple of Christmas projects that I will post soon. Blessings to everyone! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Melanie Arkoudas said...

I didn't know that you were going back to school. Whatcha doing?
I also missed the beautiful fall colors, and was really disappointed because I had family pictures in mind with beautiful fall colors...oh well!

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Miss jane said...