Friday, July 8, 2011

Family Update...

Well, it's that time again to get new family pictures so I thought I would share those and some updates.

Michael turned 15 in March, and is ready to get his driver's license at the end of July (I'm not so sure that I am ready for that). He finished up his freshman year at Great Falls High, and he is excited to drive himself to school next year. He just finished up his first year as a teen volunteer at Camp Francis (a camp for children dealing with the loss of a loved one and helping them grieve). He had a fantastic time and is looking forward to going back next year.

Devin will be turning 15 in a couple of weeks. He just started drivers training a few days ago, and he is excited to get his license. He participated in track and cross country this past year for Great Falls High. He is rocking his sports and really working on improving his technique and times.

Bryce is 12 and 1/2 and will be starting middle school in the fall. He loves playing football and is participating in football camp this summer. I'm anticipating that he will be participating in as many sports as he can once school starts. He has done VERY well with his academics this past school year, and I'm always amazed at the interesting things that he talks about that he learned at school. He's a good boy and I am grateful for him in my life.

Connor turned 10 in December and he will be starting 5th grade in the fall. This year will be interesting for Connor because he is switching elementary schools and will be making new friends this year. He just started playing the violin this summer and he is really enjoying it. He is just a fun and happy kid, and I love his stuffings!

Parker just turned 5 a month ago. He will be starting kindergarten this fall, and will be attending the same school as Connor. I can't believe that my baby is old enough to go to school! It's sad to see my last one growing up so fast. Parker is such an awesome kid and really completes our family. I can't imagine life without him. :)

Jeff turned forty....oh...nevermind. Anyway, Jeff is currently working at FedEx and is also working for Head Start as a family advocate. He loves his family advocate position and enjoys going to work. He is a wonderful father and husband and I appreciate his love and patience.

As for me, I finished up my Associates degree at MSU-GF in the spring, which was really exciting for me. I got a very large scholarship to the University of Great Falls to finish up my bachelors degree, so I will be starting there in the fall. I decided to take the summer off to reconnect with my family and to complete unfinished projects around the house. I have LOVED the summer so far, and I'm not really looking forward to starting back to school in the fall. However, I'm going to push through and finish what I started.


Shauna said...

I love the new family pictures. Miss you!!!!

A Lytle Bit about Us said...

What awesome family pictures! I can't believe how grown up your boys are getting! T